Winter Road

Watercolour with some pastel pencils used at the end.

This was painted from a photograph taken on my drive into town for groceries. This is on the way back home.


Sumac painted with pastel pencils and watercolour from my deck.

Filtered Light

I’ve been experimenting lately with adding pastel pencils to my watercolour paintings.

This piece was painted from a photo taken on my early morning walk. I added pastel to the darker tree trunks for added texture and to the foliage.

At the Corner

I pass by this corner almost everyday but hadn’t thought to paint it til now.

House on the Hill

Watercolour from photos taken on my morning walk.

Itchy Fox

This little guy was a frequent visitor this past summer. I haven’t seen him lately but sometimes I see his tracks in the snow

Through the Clouds

Lots of grey days lately but I was fortunate to be by the water when the sun broke through.

One Deer, Two Birds

I had 3 deer that visited every couple of days for awhile. One deer by herself and a doe and fawn together.

For a while my bird feeders were being emptied by by chipmunks. I stopped filling them. I bought a squirrel baffle and started filling the feeders again. Blue jays spend a lot of time at 2 of the feeders but occasionally the smaller birds get a chance .


This sunflower was growing in the ditch beside the road. I would look for it every morning on my walk noticing the progress of its blooms and buds

One morning it wasn’t there. I found a hole where it had been growing. I guess someone else also enjoyed its charm but wasn’t willing to share.

A View On My Walk

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