What a Relief!

I’m still felting.  Here are some tiles.









They take a fair amount of time to get them firm and the edges sharp.  But I enjoy the process even if my fingers are a little sore from stabbing myself with the needle.

Felting Mountains Out of Molehills

I have been felting lately, inspired by the Stephanie Metz workshop I took in July at Arrowmont.

TopographicThis is a piece that I started in Stephanie’s class. I  originally had soft  worn down mountains and that’s how they remained until last weekend. Edwina Sutherland and I participated together at Fibrefest and I asked her what I should do with the piece. She said the mountains needed more definition. So when I had spare moments at the show I sat and felted mountains out of molehills. I had so much fun and the piece looks a lot better. It’s not what I had in mind when I started, but I do have ideas of what to do next.

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea 2

Here is my second fabric postcard based on the same photograph.

Fabric postcard landscape - mountains and sea

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea #2


(See the first one here)

This one is a little more colourful.

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea

Fabric postcard loosely based on a photograph I took from the cruise ship between Vancouver and Alaska.

Fabric postcard of mountains and sea

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea

The title is from the first line of Golden Rowan by Bliss Carmen.


I recently watched a video demonstration by Dory Kantor on Notans.  Traditionally these are done cutting out black paper and gluing the results to white paper.  In the video Dory uses colour and that was a major stimulus for me to give it a try.

I started by experimenting with face shapes. Once they were done I traced and scanned them and then used my embroidery software to make embroidery patterns.







Next I tried a flower shape and I cheated on this one as I changed it while I was tracing it to get the form and shapes I wanted.




Then, just for fun I did cat silhouettes.


All the embroideries are done on white organza.



Two Forest Sprites

Two new dolls.  These are forest sprites made from the same pattern as the fairy from last week (see here).

Wood sprite with butterfly

Forest Sprite with Butterfly




Wood Sprite with Butterfly

Forest Sprite with Butterfly





Blue Fairy with Butterfly

I just finished a new doll. I thought it would be quick as she is only 4 1/2 inches sitting. However  the doll was a challenge as the parts were so small  the stuffing kept escaping from the openings.

Blue failry art dollShe is made of cloth and her wings are wired. The butterfly is made of card stock and painted with Sharpie pens.

She hasn’t told me her name yet.

Bathing Beauty

Here is a watercolour portrait of my mother using an old photograph taken by my father as reference.

watercolour portrait of my mom

Bathing Beauty




How to Milk a Cow

When I was a teenager we had a cottage in the Eastern Townships in Quebec.  Our closest neighbours lived on a farm where we all learned how to milk a cow by hand.

Milking a cow

Milking a cow

This is my sister Donna who isn’t quite sure if she wants to do this.  The watercolour painting is based on a photograph taken by my dad.

Rooftop Garden

Another image from my trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The photograph I used as my reference was taken from the courtyard of the Hacienda el Santuario.

Rooftop garden watercolour in San Miguel de Allende

Rooftop Garden


The watercolour was painted with M Graham’s Perylene Maroon, one of my favourite colours.  I found that painting in monochrome went very quickly as I didn’t have to worry about colours running into each other.  It is also a good exercise in finding values.


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