Blue Fairy with Butterfly

I just finished a new doll. I thought it would be quick as she is only 4 1/2 inches sitting. However  the doll was a challenge as the parts were so small  the stuffing kept escaping from the openings.

Blue failry art dollShe is made of cloth and her wings are wired. The butterfly is made of card stock and painted with Sharpie pens.

She hasn’t told me her name yet.

Bathing Beauty

Here is a watercolour portrait of my mother using an old photograph taken by my father as reference.

watercolour portrait of my mom

Bathing Beauty




How to Milk a Cow

When I was a teenager we had a cottage in the Eastern Townships in Quebec.  Our closest neighbours lived on a farm where we all learned how to milk a cow by hand.

Milking a cow

Milking a cow

This is my sister Donna who isn’t quite sure if she wants to do this.  The watercolour painting is based on a photograph taken by my dad.

Rooftop Garden

Another image from my trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The photograph I used as my reference was taken from the courtyard of the Hacienda el Santuario.

Rooftop garden watercolour in San Miguel de Allende

Rooftop Garden


The watercolour was painted with M Graham’s Perylene Maroon, one of my favourite colours.  I found that painting in monochrome went very quickly as I didn’t have to worry about colours running into each other.  It is also a good exercise in finding values.

El Santuario

I recently returned from a trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico where I spent a wonderful week at a Dory Kanter watercolour workshop.  At the workshop Dory presented her unique approach to colour.  I made several paintings during the workshop using her colour palettes but  my favourite one had some flaws. So I retraced my original sketch  and repainted it.

watercolour of El Santuario roof top in San Miguel de Allende

El Santuario

The watercolour  is from a photograph that I took of the rooftop of the hotel – Hacienda el Santuario – where we stayed and had our classes. The photo is taken from the rooftop garden of the house across the street.



This watercolour started out to be a more or less realistic rendering of a tree trunk. Somewhere along the way  realism was forgotten and I had fun.

The Embrace

I took a photo of these two trees because it looked to me as if they were trying to embrace one another.

trees in winter watercolor

The Embrace


The background behind them was too busy to see the trees easily so in the watercolour painting I used the background from a different photo taken nearby.


This watercolour is from a photo I took beside the Calabogie Highlands Golf Course.  The tree still seemed to be healthy despite having lost part of its trunk.

damaged tree trunk watercolor


Off with Their Heads

I’ve been working on a new doll.  I haven’t gotten very far as I’ve been trying to get a certain head shape in cloth.  I’ve done several versions making little changes to each successive model.



Off with Their Heads


I partially needle sculpted one – it helps to round out the pointy chin.




I have one more ready to stuff.  I’m hoping it’s the one!

Forest Fawn

This is a fused applique I recently finished for the Out of the Box colour challenge.

deer amoung leaves applique

Forest Fawn

It is from a photograph I took of a fawn that, with its mother regularly visited my cottage in Calabogie.  The deer are quite used to humans and don’t run off as long as there is a bush or  a tree (and sometimes just a long piece of lumber) between you and them and you don’t get too close.

I used machine stitches on the tree trunk and branches for shading then coloured between the stitches using Derwent Inktense Blocks. The leaf detail is hand embroidered.


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