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When All Else Fails

…read the instructions.

I usually do read the instructions but I was impatient and thought I knew what I was doing.

I was making a fabric portrait from a sketch I had done on my iPad.  I had hand appliqued the first quilted face I did (here) and wanted do more.  For this one I was using iron on adhesive  and I couldn’t get it to stick.  After talking to some friends who had used  the product (HeatnBond) and reading the instructions I realized that I was using too hot an iron.  Everything went smoothly after I lowered the heat setting on my iron.

quilted face



Face quilt block

Recently All Dolled Up presented a quilt made by the members to our former president, Margo. The theme was faces.  I contributed the following block.

face quilt block

Hand appliqued quilt block

The fabric hair is three-dimensional; it is tacked down at the bottom of each curl.  The eyes are beaded.

Visit the All Dolled Up blog to see the quilt and close-ups of each block.

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