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This watercolour was one of the paintings  found in the old folder that I mentioned last week. It is unsigned and I was  unsure if I did it or if it was one of my late mother’s.  I remember planning to do a painting of a poinsettia, but I also remember looking for the one I thought I had painted and not finding it.  I also know that my mother painted one.

poinsettia watercolour

The reason I was looking for it was to make it into a Christmas card.  Instead I had to do something else.  I used to paint pictures during my Christmas holidays to make cards for the following year.   Later when I started doing fibre art I decided to use pictures of that for my card instead of doing a painting once a year.

I am visiting my sister and her family for Christmas and she has my mother’s painting of a poinsettia on the wall in her living room. Mystery solved.

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