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Naked Lady in the Garden

The position of this doll is based on the shape of an orchid I photographed at the Botanical gardens in Montreal.  She is too big to photograph in my studio so I took her out into the garden.

Double pinned

In order to have a shapely body the sewing of the pieces has to very accurate.   I mark the sewing lines on the fabric and insert the pins along the lines and then pin again perpendicular across the original pinning to keep the fabric from moving in either direction.  This is takes less time than hand basting the seams together and is almost as accurate.

The clothes are all made with free motion embroidery on the sewing machine.  The patterns are traced on water soluble stabilizer which is washed out after the embroidery is finished.

Free motion pieces drying

I frequently use Ultra Solvy  because it is usually stiff enough that I don’t need a hoop.  This saves time and stabilizer.  However, it has been so humid  here that the Ultra Solvy has softened significantly and  I’ve had to make my patterns larger to account for  the scrunching up of the stabilizer as I embroider.   The red thread is hand dyed and the water here makes  the colour run.

I am also making some narrow ribbon in the same colour.  For this I have used left-over bits of stabilizer and sewn them together.

Using left-over bits of stabilizer

I then add a bridging stitch and more straight stitches to make two  lines of thin ribbon.

Ribbon made with sewing machine

Detail: Sewing machine ribbon

Montreal Biodome and Botanical Gardens – Part 2

Morpho helenor

Butterflies Go Free at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal.

We entered  in the middle of a series of interconnecting green houses full of beautiful plants.  A greenhouse at one end housed the moths and at the opposite end a greenhouse full of butterflies.  As it was day, the moths were not very active and it was easy to take their picture.  The butterflies, on the other hand, were flying all over.  They would briefly alight on a bush, flower, or even a person, before flying off .

Cobra Moth

Cecropia Moth



Owl Butterfly

Danaus plexippus

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