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Project Half Done.

I have started my next fabric portrait.  I have chosen one of my Dad’s old slides’s to work from.

family photo

This is a picture of my mother, myself and my sister from a long time ago.

I cropped the photo and changed it to black and white.

cropped photo in B & W I used the posterize filter  and then played with the result in Photoshop Elements to adjust it.   My adjustments resulted in the following.


It has 4 value areas instead of the original 5.  (I hadn’t liked the result Photoshop gave me with the 4 values.)  It doesn’t look as child-like as the original photo, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

My next step was to use the find edges filter.

using the find edges filterI will print this then trace it (possibly making more adjustments) to produce my pattern.

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