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Mistakes happen.

Here are 2 of the 4  pieces embroidered from the pattern I created last week.

Unfortunately I forgot a very important step. I forgot to check the pattern to make sure that it was symmetrical.

So the resulting shape is a little twisted.

I took out the piece with the inset and sewed it back together.

It still is twisted but l can use this.

I went back to the pattern and fixed it up and stitched out another version which looks more like what I originally had in mind.

I will add bases and stuff these, add heads and maybe arms.

Embroidery Detail

Making a Pattern from a Bottle

I found some bottles in the local thrift shop that had interesting shapes.  I could see a doll in one of them so I  decided to copy the shape.

In order to make a pattern from the bottle, I first cover it in Glad Press’n Seal® with the sticky side out.  Then I cover that with duct tape.  The bottom of the bottle is also covered.

I wanted to use the top as a head so I covered that as well.  I didn’t want the flare at the top of the bottle so that isn’t covered.  I cut the Press’n Seal/Duct tape cover off the bottle and top, divided it in half and then in quarters.  I used one quarter, and cut darts to make it lie flat.

All that is left to do is trace the pattern. I usually scan it and digitize it in my software to create an embroidery pattern, but I could also add seam allowances and use fabric to make the bottle.

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