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Felted Dogs

My friend Edwina Sutherland asked me to fill in for her at our doll club, All Dolled Up. She was to have given a demonstration of felted animals but discovered that she was double booked. After a short demonstration and some practice at home  I used her patterns and method and showed our members and guest how to make a felted dog. They were all wonderful and all were able to produce dogs that looked like dogs- if not always the dog they were trying to make. You can see some of the results on the All Dolled Up blog .

Felting is a lot of fun and with a little practice the results can be quite satisfying.

One of the dogs above was done before the meeting for practice and the other was done during the meeting as a demonstration. I still need some more practice before I get the dogs to look a little closer to what I want them to look like.

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