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Painting Embroidery Thread

I have been working on a hand embroidery project.  I have been using Sulky 12 wt Cotton Petites and Linda Palaisy’s hand-dyed Soy Silk and didn’t have the right colour of thread of either in my stash.  So I decided to paint some white 12 wt Sulky cotton thread using Inktense Blocks.

White thread ready to be coloured

White thread ready to be coloured




I wrapped a length of thread once around the clothes line and pinned it.  Then, using a dampened sponge, I wet the thread.








I re-wet the sponge and wrung it out.  Using the side of a Derwent Inktense Block I coloured the damp sponge. Holding on to the end of the thread to keep it taut I wiped the sponge up and down the thread making sure it was completely covered.dyeing-thread-first-colour



After rinsing out the remaining colour. I covered the sponge with a second, darker colour.









I then coloured over parts of the thread.





After the thread dries I will iron it and then re-wet it and use a sponge or old wash cloth to remove the excess colour.




Forest Fawn

This is a fused applique I recently finished for the Out of the Box colour challenge.

deer amoung leaves applique

Forest Fawn

It is from a photograph I took of a fawn that, with its mother regularly visited my cottage in Calabogie.  The deer are quite used to humans and don’t run off as long as there is a bush or  a tree (and sometimes just a long piece of lumber) between you and them and you don’t get too close.

I used machine stitches on the tree trunk and branches for shading then coloured between the stitches using Derwent Inktense Blocks. The leaf detail is hand embroidered.

Melinda the Dancing Frog

This is my second dancing frog.

Melinda the Dancing Frog

Melinda the Dancing Frog

For the first frog (Mikhail) I dyed the fabric with coloured India inks.  This time I used Derwent Inktense Blocks.

I dampened a sponge, coloured it with the broad side of the Inktense block and then wiped it on the  fabric.  I then heat set the fabric with an iron.

Melinda - Detail

Melinda – Detail

For the frog skin, I used 2 different shades of green. The original fabric was white and blue. The leotard was a cream-cloloured 4 way stretch fabric.

Melinda the Dancing Frog

Melinda the Dancing Frog

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