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Dancing on a White Wall

I worked on some more free motion embroidery dancers.  The previous ones  (see here) were done in off-white thread and looked good against a coloured wall or back ground.  I decided to do some that looked good against a white wall.

As I did before, I photographed them outside and then inside on a wall.

free motion lace dancer multicoloured

Multicolored hand dyed thread

Free motion dancer - detail


After I had done the first one outside, the wind blew both frames over and broke the glass in one of them.  As both mats  are the same size I took the rest of the pictures using the glass-less frame.

The multicoloured cotton thread was hand dyed by Linda Palaisy.  I use a lot of her thread in my work.

black thread free motion dancer

Dancer done in black thread

Dancer - black thread - on wall

Black embroidery on white wall

multicoloured figure on white wall

Multicoloured embroidery on white wall

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