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Fading Colours

Here are 3 more sketches done in ink on my morning walks last week. The watercolour was added later. Most of the reds were gone but surprisingly some of the sumac were still persisting.

I was planning to paint the sumac behind my house yesterday (Friday) but after the heavy rain overnight on Thursday and the strong winds yesterday it looked something like this..

On My Walk

Last weekend I did two ink sketches on my morning walk. I added watercolour later.


I am enjoying playing with colour and texture.



Here is my latest felted piece.  It will be mounted on a painted canvas. I haven’t yet decided which colour or colours I’m going to paint it.  I have fooled around in Photoshop and have come up with several possible versions.


Possible colours for background

Which one do you like best?

Dancing on Air

The  first All Dolled Up meeting of the season is this weekend and I have to have my summer challenge piece ready.   Last spring we picked two colour chips out of a bag and our challenge was to create a fibre art piece (it doesn’t have to be a doll) using those 2 colours.  It should be obvious from our piece what the 2 colours were.  I decided to do a wet  felted wall hanging.  I didn’t have the right colours but thought that if I mixed what I had it might come close.  It didn’t.  Then I lost the 2 colour chips.  I’m pretty sure that I know what the colours are.  I have embroidery threads that are pretty close, so I decided to do one of my free motion dancers using the 2 colours.   I used the lighter blue for the background and the aqua green for the figure.

I photographed the figure on a white wall as well as outside. 

Free Motion Dancer Detail

Then I had the idea to do a black figure on a white background.

On a white wall, the white lace almost disappears.

Free Motion Dancer Detail

Come Swim with the Fishes

I made some more fish.

I made three bodies and then embroidered the eyes and fins.

Fin-less Blind Fish

I’m still having trouble with the stabilizer scrunching up as I sew but it’s a little better after putting it in the freezer for a while before I start embroidering on it.

Free Motion embroidery fins and eyes on water-soluble stabilizer

Dorsal fins and a new eye

When I started to sew on the  fins , I realized that I had forgotten to embroider the dorsal fins.  I also didn’t like one of set of eyes, so I decided to redo it in a different colour.

Detail of Fish Tail

School of Fish

The tail fin of the green and purple fish was a little floppy so I coated both sides with Acrylic Matte Medium.  When I finished the fish I hung them outside to photograph.


Iguazu Falls

A few years ago, a friend and I took a trip to Brazil.  We started our vacation in Iguazu Falls, which proved to be the highlight of our trip.  The falls straddle the Iguazu River which forms the border between Brazil and Argentina.

There is a National Park in each country from which you can view the  275 cataracts.  Our hotel was in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil but we took the bus into Argentina so we could visit the falls on that side as well.

Iguazu Falls

Near the Brazillian Falls is a Bird Park where you can get quite close to the birds in walk-through aviaries.  I took lots of photos of birds but I also took some pictures of the vegetation.  One of those pictures was of a  Strangler Fig.  It is the subject of one of my recent  watercolour paintings.

After sketching the tree and the vines  I used a masking fluid to cover the areas I wanted to stay white. I then built up the colour with several layers of washes.


The original tree is quite pale and anemic but I wanted to have fun with the colour so my tree is much more colourful.  I did the vines towards the end just before I removed the masking fluid.


This is the beginning of my latest watercolour of a rhinoceros.  It was done using a controlled wet on wet method.  Specific areas were saturated with clean water and then colour was added to the water.  The colour spreads only where the paper is wet.

I used a picture I had taken at the London Zoo and used more interesting colours than what was in the photo. Playing around with colours is so much fun.

Here is the (maybe) final result.

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