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Watercolour and Pastel

Yesterday I was going to post another of my watercolour paintings.  However, when I looked at the photograph of it I noticed a few things that needed correcting.  I worked on it a bit yesterday and earlier this morning.  I need to photograph it again but I like to use natural light and it is raining.  So instead I am posting this painting.


This painting is done from a photograph I took near my cottage in Calabogie this past winter.  It was a beautiful day and after trying to photograph a Pileated woodpecker that was not cooperating, I walked up the hill and there were two deer posing perfectly for me.  One just stood there and stared.  The other, the one I have painted, moved around a bit but always kept his eye on me.

I planned to do the picture in watercolour and chalk pastels, so I chose rough watercolour paper to work on.  After I sketched and masked out the deer with frisket, I painted the background with watercolours.  I was not pleased with it.  Maybe, knowing I could cover it with the pastels, I was careless.  I did cover it with pastels.  I then removed the frisket and painted the deer with watercolours.  I used some pastel on the deer as well.

Fibre Fling 2 and Sea Horse Pattern

One of the things I have been busy with these past few months was creating a pattern (and instructions) for my sea horse.

Sydney the Sea Horse

Sydney the Sea Horse

It is now up on Doll Street Dreamers in the Pattern Shop.  Thanks to Edwina for persuading me to do this and to Margo for testing the pattern and instructions.

This past week I’ve been preparing  for Out of the Box‘s upcoming show “Fibre Fling 2”.  It’s not till April but I have to hand in my pieces on Monday.  Today I packed 6 dolls in a box, tying them in place with seam binding.

6 dolls packed in a box

6 dolls packed in a box



The basis of this watercolour is a photograph taken near my house in Ottawa.


View From the Train

This is my first post in awhile.  I’ve been busy with other things and working on things that either didn’t turn out or are not yet ready to show.

My watercolour class was cancelled  but then the centre where it was being held decided that for a very nominal fee we could use the space as a studio during our regular class time. So I have been spending a few hours a week there painting.

This watercolour is based on a photograph I took on the steam train from Skagway Alaska up to White Pass. The day started nice and sunny but soon after the train left Skagway it clouded over.  The return trip was in fog.

View from the Train

View from the Train

Bird’s Eye View

Here is another watercolour.  I intended to do something abstract but I started with a drawing of a traditional landscape.  I even used frisket to protect some areas.

initial washes

Once the initial washes were dry I added shapes in transparent glazes.

I removed the frisket near the end.

I call it Bird’s Eye View.

One Lonely Fish

One more fish.  I changed the pattern sightly.  Can you tell?

cloth fish fibre art

fiber art cloth fish

I think he looks a little sad.

Blind Date

I’m in the process of making a soft sculpture frog.  I haven’t got to the stage where there is  anything interesting to show so I thought I would show you one I made  a few years ago and sold.

Frog ready for date

Blind Date – Imagine him showing up at your front door.

I made the  flower using free motion embroidery on water soluble stabilizer.  His lace, at the neck and cuffs, was also made on water soluble stabilizer, using built-in sewing machine stitches.  He has glass eyes and  I made his shoes from polymer clay.

I am hoping that the new frog will be even more frog-like.

Alaskan Glacier

This is another watercolour from a photograph taken in Alaska.  I took the picture from a cruise ship in Glacier Bay.

watercolour Alaska Glacier

Glacier – Alaska

Watercolour - In Progress

Watercolour – In Progress

Glacier - Detail

Glacier – Watercolour – Detail

Wet Felting with Embroidery and Beading

This week I thought I would show you the wet felted piece that didn’t make it into my doll club’s two colour challenge. (Challenge is described here.)

wet felting

After choosing the colours and felting the piece I did some free motion embroidery in places and added green beads in others.

free motion embroidery, hand embroidery and beads

I then decided to do some hand embroidery to add some contrast.  I added some french knots among the green beads.

detail including french knots

Once I  abandoned the idea of using just 2 colours I added the orange beads.


Dancing on Air

The  first All Dolled Up meeting of the season is this weekend and I have to have my summer challenge piece ready.   Last spring we picked two colour chips out of a bag and our challenge was to create a fibre art piece (it doesn’t have to be a doll) using those 2 colours.  It should be obvious from our piece what the 2 colours were.  I decided to do a wet  felted wall hanging.  I didn’t have the right colours but thought that if I mixed what I had it might come close.  It didn’t.  Then I lost the 2 colour chips.  I’m pretty sure that I know what the colours are.  I have embroidery threads that are pretty close, so I decided to do one of my free motion dancers using the 2 colours.   I used the lighter blue for the background and the aqua green for the figure.

I photographed the figure on a white wall as well as outside. 

Free Motion Dancer Detail

Then I had the idea to do a black figure on a white background.

On a white wall, the white lace almost disappears.

Free Motion Dancer Detail

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