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View From the Train

This is my first post in awhile.  I’ve been busy with other things and working on things that either didn’t turn out or are not yet ready to show.

My watercolour class was cancelled  but then the centre where it was being held decided that for a very nominal fee we could use the space as a studio during our regular class time. So I have been spending a few hours a week there painting.

This watercolour is based on a photograph I took on the steam train from Skagway Alaska up to White Pass. The day started nice and sunny but soon after the train left Skagway it clouded over.  The return trip was in fog.

View from the Train

View from the Train

Alaskan Glacier

This is another watercolour from a photograph taken in Alaska.  I took the picture from a cruise ship in Glacier Bay.

watercolour Alaska Glacier

Glacier – Alaska

Watercolour - In Progress

Watercolour – In Progress

Glacier - Detail

Glacier – Watercolour – Detail

Trees and Leaf Litter

Alaska is a wonderful place.

A number of years ago my sister and I drove to Vancouver  and took  an Alaskan cruise.  We both had a wonderful time.

I ‘m very glad that I had a digital camera, otherwise it would have cost me a fortune to get all the pictures developed.
Several of the pictures I took have ended up  as watercolour paintings or sketches.
Here is one from a photo taken in a temperate rain forest.

watercolour in progress 1

First wash of colour

After doing a pencil sketch I used frisket to block the paint from covering the areas I wanted to leave white.

painting in progress 2

More colour

There was a lot of leaf litter on the forest floor which was not very colourful so I added  some to the painting.

The background required several washes until I got it the way I wanted.

Temperate Rainforest watercolour

Temperate Rainforest by Nancy Leigh-Smith

The colours in the photos are different due to the fact that the works in progress pictures were taken inside  and the photos from the finished work were take outside.

detail of leaf litter

Detail of leaf litter

more detail

Temperate Rainforest – Detail

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