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A couple of weeks ago I attended a Hilary Rice workshop: Imagine and Create: Embellishment Techniques for Quilters.  It was great fun and I learned a lot of techniques I will use in future projects.  Hilary is a great teacher and I was inspired by her techniques and art.

This is the piece that I started in the workshop .

Not all the techniques are included on this piece.  Others were done on smaller pieces of fabric to experience the technique.

I’m not sure if it is finished yet.  I’m going to put it up on the wall and look at it for awhile.

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea 2

Here is my second fabric postcard based on the same photograph.

Fabric postcard landscape - mountains and sea

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea #2


(See the first one here)

This one is a little more colourful.

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea

Fabric postcard loosely based on a photograph I took from the cruise ship between Vancouver and Alaska.

Fabric postcard of mountains and sea

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea

The title is from the first line of Golden Rowan by Bliss Carmen.

Forest Fawn

This is a fused applique I recently finished for the Out of the Box colour challenge.

deer amoung leaves applique

Forest Fawn

It is from a photograph I took of a fawn that, with its mother regularly visited my cottage in Calabogie.  The deer are quite used to humans and don’t run off as long as there is a bush or  a tree (and sometimes just a long piece of lumber) between you and them and you don’t get too close.

I used machine stitches on the tree trunk and branches for shading then coloured between the stitches using Derwent Inktense Blocks. The leaf detail is hand embroidered.

Christmas Trees

I just finished some fabric Christmas Trees for the Art and Craft Sale next weekend.

Fused applique Christmas Trees

Fused applique Christmas Trees

Dancing Tree

Dancing Tree

Fused Applique Christmas Tree

Fused Applique Christmss Tree

Fisher Park Community Recreation Centre

Christmas Craft Show & Sale

Saturday,  December 6,  2014   

   9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

250 Holland Ave., at the Queensway Overpass
Free Admission
Free Parking

Fresh as a Daisy

I am busy getting ready for Fibrefest which is September 13 and 14.   I will be participating as part of Go Figure with my friend Edwina Sutherland.

I was planning on making some pin dolls but they weren’t working out as I had hoped, so I started playing around with Photoshop  and ended up doing another fused applique.  It was supposed to be simple and quick and it was until I decided that it needed some hand embroidery.

Summer Daisies

Summer Daisies



On one of  my recent early morning walks I came face to face with the local fox.  After staring at each other for a few seconds I tried to turn my camera on and get the lens cap off and s/he took off down the road.  The fox turned off down  a  neighbour’s driveway.  By the time I got to the driveway it was gone.  I glanced around and  in another neighbour’s back yard, across the road, was a very large raccoon.  He gave me lots of time to take pictures.

fused applique raccoon


This fused applique was much easier to do than my previous ones as it has fewer pieces. The quilting took a little longer as I outlined the background flowers and partially thread painted some of them, following the details in the fabric.

raccoon - detail

Bandit – detail

If the Shoe Fits

Another fused applique wall hanging. This time I followed Roberta Russell’s “About Faces” in A for Artistic‘s Spring 2014 emagazine.

fused applique shoe

If the Shoe Fits


Roberta likes shoes so that is what I chose for the subject.



You Are Being Watched

This fused applique portrait is a bit more complicated than my previous ones.

fabric portrait

You are Being Watched

I used 5 fabrics instead of 4 and there were many more pieces to cut out. There were 19 pieces of the pink and 30 pieces of the yellow fabric.  It felt like I was cutting for days!

Once it was all pieced together I realized that the green fabric wasn’t dark enough so I coloured it using Inktense Blocks and a paintbrush. I left the pattern (gold, red, etc) in the fabric untouched.

I used a photograph that I took of a Golden Eagle at the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre in Coaldale, Alberta.

Keeping Watch

I have finished my latest project.

fabric portrait

Keeping Watch

I  described in a previous post (here) how I prepared the pattern from an old photograph.

I dyed the pale green fabric using inks because I couldn’t find the fabric I was sure I had bought to use in this project. (I found the fabric a minute after I finished the piece.)

The hair and background were quilted using free motion embroidery.

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