Monthly Archives: May 2019


I find black animals a challenge to paint. I took a photo of this Red-winged Blackbird a week or so ago.

I used Daniel Smith’s Goethite (Brown Ochre) for the initial wash of the bird as well as in the background. I’ve had this paint in my palette for awhile but haven’t really used it. It’s more black than brown, but I love the granulation. This version is pretty close to the photograph.

Blues and Greens

I’ve not had much luck with my watercolours lately.

This piece is one of my better efforts of the last month. I started out  with a bright spring green on my brush making random marks and then added blue. After the first layer dried I tried to make it look like something with negative painting.

It’s an example of having fun with some paint and a brush and seeing where it leads.




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