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Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea

Fabric postcard loosely based on a photograph I took from the cruise ship between Vancouver and Alaska.

Fabric postcard of mountains and sea

Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea

The title is from the first line of Golden Rowan by Bliss Carmen.


I recently watched a video demonstration by Dory Kantor on Notans.  Traditionally these are done cutting out black paper and gluing the results to white paper.  In the video Dory uses colour and that was a major stimulus for me to give it a try.

I started by experimenting with face shapes. Once they were done I traced and scanned them and then used my embroidery software to make embroidery patterns.







Next I tried a flower shape and I cheated on this one as I changed it while I was tracing it to get the form and shapes I wanted.




Then, just for fun I did cat silhouettes.


All the embroideries are done on white organza.



Two Forest Sprites

Two new dolls.  These are forest sprites made from the same pattern as the fairy from last week (see here).

Wood sprite with butterfly

Forest Sprite with Butterfly




Wood Sprite with Butterfly

Forest Sprite with Butterfly





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