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Three Amigas

From an old black and white photograph that I took years ago.

Three cows - watercolour

Tres Amigas



If the Shoe Fits

Another fused applique wall hanging. This time I followed Roberta Russell’s “About Faces” in A for Artistic‘s Spring 2014 emagazine.

fused applique shoe

If the Shoe Fits


Roberta likes shoes so that is what I chose for the subject.




This watercolour painting was done from one of my mother’s photographs taken on her trip to Portugal.  I may have changed the colours a bit but I did not change the size of the vessel.  It looks like the cart may have broken down trying to carry it.

gigantic vessel and wooden cart


Having Fun with Colour

I painted this picture  from a photograph taken on a grey day.  The duck, the water, everything was grey.  So I changed the colours and had fun with it.

duck on water

Having Fun with Colour


Road Through the Woods

More experimenting with wet on wet.


Road Through the Woods

This scene is from a photograph taken on a walk near my cottage in Calabogie.



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