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You Are Being Watched

This fused applique portrait is a bit more complicated than my previous ones.

fabric portrait

You are Being Watched

I used 5 fabrics instead of 4 and there were many more pieces to cut out. There were 19 pieces of the pink and 30 pieces of the yellow fabric.  It felt like I was cutting for days!

Once it was all pieced together I realized that the green fabric wasn’t dark enough so I coloured it using Inktense Blocks and a paintbrush. I left the pattern (gold, red, etc) in the fabric untouched.

I used a photograph that I took of a Golden Eagle at the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre in Coaldale, Alberta.

The Open Road

I bought some watercolour books recently and have been using the wet in wet techniques in them to try and loosen up my painting.  In this painting from a picture I took in France the background is totally different from that in the photograph.

watercolour landscape

The Open Road

I’m not sure where the photograph was taken. It could be from the day we got lost.  We knew we were somewhere in Central France and headed in the right direction.  We figured out where we were once we hit the Loire River, which fortunately was where we wanted to be.

Margo, I’m Not That Close to the Edge

The inspiration for this piece came from a trip my friend, Margo, and I took to the Grand Canyon a few years ago.  We marveled at the awe-inspiring scenery but Margo was concerned about the lack of railings.

woman about to step off a cliff

Margo, I’m Not That Close to the Edge

The “canyon” is made mostly from acrylic modelling paste.

fabric sculpture detail

Detail:  Margo, I’m Not That Close to the Edge

The camera is made from polymer clay and the picture on the back is one of the Grand Canyon taken during that trip.

This sculpture is currently at  the Out of the Box exhibit: Fibre Fling 3 at the Kitchissippi United Church on Island Park Drive, Ottawa.  This is the last time I will be exhibiting this piece  because,   yesterday, it was sold.  It is still on exhibit until the show closes today at 5 P.M.




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