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Sun Drenched French Countyside

Many years ago I went to France with my aunt.  We sketched our way across the south of France and then up to Anger where my aunt was attending a conference.  It was a great trip.  I have many photographic slides and sketches from that trip.  I have converted many of the slides to digital format which makes it easier to find images to paint.

watercolour of sun drenched  countryside

Sun Drenched Hills

This watercolour was painted from one of those photos.

Most of my sketches are labelled as to where we were at the time.  The slides are not.  Using the sketches as a guide, I think this picture is from somewhere near Retournac.

From a Window

Here is my watercolour attempt at rooftops and buildings.

watercolour of rooftops

From a Window

I used a photo taken by my mother on a trip to Portugal.

Woods in Sunlight

I love the woods.

My mother’s place in the Eastern Townships of Quebec was at the edge of the woods.  I painted this watercolour from a photo I took on a hot sunny summer day near her house .

watercolour of woods in sunlight

Woods in Sunlight

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