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Face quilt block

Recently All Dolled Up presented a quilt made by the members to our former president, Margo. The theme was faces.  I contributed the following block.

face quilt block

Hand appliqued quilt block

The fabric hair is three-dimensional; it is tacked down at the bottom of each curl.  The eyes are beaded.

Visit the All Dolled Up blog to see the quilt and close-ups of each block.

Needle Felted Lilies

A number of years ago I needle felted this picture.

needle felted day lily - red

It is based on a photo I took of my neighbour’s day lily.  I cropped the photo and played with it on the computer and came up with the composition.  I used my embellishing machine to do most of the felting.  It was bought by friends of mine.

Last summer they asked for another picture. They wanted to hang the two pictures  on either side of the new picture window in their dining room.  I spent the summer wandering around taking pictures of flowers in the right colour range.  I used 2 of the pictures of day lilies and made sketches to decide on a composition.  This time I  needle felted it mostly by hand. needle felted day lily - orange

Needle felting is very forgiving.  During the making of the “painting” I made changes to the composition.  I had to move a few parts.  It was easy just to pull off the bits of wool and place them down in another spot. Adding things is even easier. Just lay down the fibre and needle felt it in.  It’s also a lot of fun, but you have to be careful or you’ll stab yourself.  The needles are very sharp.

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