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Watercolour and Pastel

Yesterday I was going to post another of my watercolour paintings.  However, when I looked at the photograph of it I noticed a few things that needed correcting.  I worked on it a bit yesterday and earlier this morning.  I need to photograph it again but I like to use natural light and it is raining.  So instead I am posting this painting.


This painting is done from a photograph I took near my cottage in Calabogie this past winter.  It was a beautiful day and after trying to photograph a Pileated woodpecker that was not cooperating, I walked up the hill and there were two deer posing perfectly for me.  One just stood there and stared.  The other, the one I have painted, moved around a bit but always kept his eye on me.

I planned to do the picture in watercolour and chalk pastels, so I chose rough watercolour paper to work on.  After I sketched and masked out the deer with frisket, I painted the background with watercolours.  I was not pleased with it.  Maybe, knowing I could cover it with the pastels, I was careless.  I did cover it with pastels.  I then removed the frisket and painted the deer with watercolours.  I used some pastel on the deer as well.

Peter Pot Peeper

Last weekend, polymer clay and multi-media artist Maria Saracino visited my doll club, All Dolled Up, and gave us a workshop.

Guided by Maria we made “Peter Pot Peeper” on clay pots we had brought from home.  I made mine on a pot I  made years ago.





Maria suggested that I paint my little fellow green, which I did with pan pastels.


Visit Maria’s website: and her blog at:


See more images of the workshop at All Dolled Up’s blog:  There you can see the variety of Peter Pot Peepers that the club members created.

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