Fibre Fling 2 and Sea Horse Pattern

One of the things I have been busy with these past few months was creating a pattern (and instructions) for my sea horse.

Sydney the Sea Horse

Sydney the Sea Horse

It is now up on Doll Street Dreamers in the Pattern Shop.  Thanks to Edwina for persuading me to do this and to Margo for testing the pattern and instructions.

This past week I’ve been preparing  for Out of the Box‘s upcoming show “Fibre Fling 2”.  It’s not till April but I have to hand in my pieces on Monday.  Today I packed 6 dolls in a box, tying them in place with seam binding.

6 dolls packed in a box

6 dolls packed in a box


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  1. I love the photo of the dolls in the box. Looks like quite a party!


    I have printed Fibre Fling and have put it on my calendar! Looks like it would be a really fun show to go to! Would also love the High Tea on Saturday! Wishing you much success at the show! Love the doll party in the box! I thought it was an art piece itself…like a 3D relief.

  3. Thanks for the info Nancy. Looks like a very inteesting show . I want to attend. Also love your fibre seahorse and dolls in a box! Very clever

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