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This watercolour was one of the paintings  found in the old folder that I mentioned last week. It is unsigned and I was  unsure if I did it or if it was one of my late mother’s.  I remember planning to do a painting of a poinsettia, but I also remember looking for the one I thought I had painted and not finding it.  I also know that my mother painted one.

poinsettia watercolour

The reason I was looking for it was to make it into a Christmas card.  Instead I had to do something else.  I used to paint pictures during my Christmas holidays to make cards for the following year.   Later when I started doing fibre art I decided to use pictures of that for my card instead of doing a painting once a year.

I am visiting my sister and her family for Christmas and she has my mother’s painting of a poinsettia on the wall in her living room. Mystery solved.

Old Christmas Card

I recently found a folder of paintings I had done several years ago.

This  painting is from a photograph that my father took of me when I was very young. The photograph was black and white so I made up the colours.  I photographed the painting and made Christmas  cards.  I have made my Christmas cards  from my art ever since.


The picture was taken at my grandparents’ house.  I remember the curtains with the flowers.  They had them for many years.


This is a watercolour I painted using one of my photographs taken in the south of France.



It is an example of not planning what you are going to do before you do it.  I chose the picture, sketched it onto the watercolour paper and then started painting without thinking too much of how I was going to paint it.  Therefore, there were things that had to be “fixed”.  I have to admit that this is typical of how I usually paint, I am too impatient to plan it out carefully. However, this time I did even less thinking about it than usual.

Concrete and Glass

Last weekend I participated in a Christmas Craft Show and Sale at the Fisher Park Community Recreation Centre  in Ottawa.  I have participated in this show for several years and this was the best one yet. One of the participating artisans was featured on TV just before the event and that brought out lots of new customers to the event.

Two of my friends also participated in the event. Neither of them has a website as yet so I thought I would show some of their work.

Elise Muir of Lady Bird Concrete Products makes bowls, planters,  bird baths and leaf-shaped stepping stones.  Elise is a member of the Ottawa Artisans Guild.

concrete bowl

Elise Muir

Elise Muir


Valerie Potter of VP Creations in Glass sold her fused dichroic glass jewellery and ornaments, but she also makes stained glass windows and lamps.



Valerie Potter

Valerie Potter

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