Altering Fabric

My new frog doll is coming  along slowly.  I have finally got all the body parts looking the way I want.  It wasn’t easy.  I had trouble with the head.  I used the pattern from my previous frog doll but forgot how the pieces fitted together.

frog head - not

This is not the way the head pieces fit together

After trying it several different ways I finally figured it out. Then I altered it slightly.

All the other parts are changed from the first doll.

I did several versions of the feet in order to  figure out how to attach them to the legs, and have room for the wires in the toes.  The toes are wider than most of  my doll fingers  but, for some reason, I couldn’t turn two of them. I finally gave up. The next day I tried again and  was able to turn them easily!

Turning frog toes, day 2

Frogs are lighter in colour on their front than they are on the back so I wanted  2 pieces of fabric that reflected that.  I searched my stash and found great fabric for the front or the back but none of the pieces went with each other.  I went to a fabric store and found some pieces that would work but they weren’t what I was seeing in my head.

Then last weekend Mary Pal  (website  and blog gave a great demonstration on altering fabric at my doll club, All Dolled Up.   I went home and started experimenting.

You can see pictures from the demonstration on the ALL Dolled Up blog.

I had a wonderful piece of yellow fabric that would be great for the frog if it was green.  I cut test strips and found some blue Pebeo Setacolor paints;  blue, turquoise and green Dr Ph Martin’s Bombay India Ink and tried them out  on the pieces of yellow fabric.

Altering fabric – test strips

I liked the results with the green ink  best.

light green fabric with test strip

I had painted the fabric in my tests but, to avoid streaks, I decided to dip the fabric in a solution of ink and water. I did this three times, drying the fabric in between each dipping to get the light green.

dark green fabric and test strip

I cut the fabric in half, added more ink to the ink/water solution and dipped and dried half the fabric 3 more times to get the dark green colour.  It turned out a little darker than the test strip.

Now I have the fabric, the next step is to make the body.


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