More Fun with Sea Horses

I’ve been writing up a pattern for my sea horses.

Sea Horse with Ribbon Fins

Sea Horse with Ribbon Fins

Some might not want to do the free motion fins (even though it isn’t hard and it’s a lot of fun) so I’ll be including instructions on using ribbon for the fins and beads and sequins for the eyes.

This will be my first pattern.  It is quite simple and, therefore,  a good place to start.

Sea Horse with Embroidered Fins

Another sea horse with embroidered fins

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  1. Love the fabrics you’ve used, especially in the first one! =D

  2. The seahorses are beautiful! You could do some Nessies too! (Loch Ness Monsters!)

  3. What gorgeous seahorses!!! It is funny how at times we purchase fabrics and then get home to wonder about the purchase. Later we find just the perfect place for them. Nothing could be more perfect than these seahorses…love them!

  4. Love it! Great to have options for the fins.

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