Prudence is another doll whose shape was inspired by a bottle. (See Making a Pattern from a Bottle here.)

I used the same pattern as for Portia and Passion ( see here and here)  except that I made the pattern slightly smaller.

Sewing Embroidered Parts together

The front and one side are sewn together half way

I used the sewing machine to make  the hair.  Using the same  green thread  I used in the body, I sewed straight lines on water soluble stabilizer and then sewed over it with a decorative stitch that caught both straight lines.

Sewing hair by machine

Sewing decorative stitch over the two lines of straight stitch

After washing out the stabilizer and letting it dry, I cut it up and used Fray Check to seal the ends before sewing it on the doll’s head.  I marked dots on the head with a pencil as a guide.

Sewing on the hair

Sewing on the hair

The face was painted with pastel pencils.

Here is the completed doll.

Art doll made from bottle pattern


Detail of art doll

Detail – Prudence

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  1. Again you have created a unique piece of art. This lady on a bottle is very stylish and confident looking with no need for arms or hands to express herself as she can clearly make a statement! Prudence, I believe your maker got you just right.
    Nicely done Nancy!

  2. Love the idea of using a bottle shape as inspiration! =D

  3. Very Creative dear. I love it. Recycling and artistic. Clever. Consider selling them to spread your art and inspiration!

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