Come Swim with the Fishes

I made some more fish.

I made three bodies and then embroidered the eyes and fins.

Fin-less Blind Fish

I’m still having trouble with the stabilizer scrunching up as I sew but it’s a little better after putting it in the freezer for a while before I start embroidering on it.

Free Motion embroidery fins and eyes on water-soluble stabilizer

Dorsal fins and a new eye

When I started to sew on the  fins , I realized that I had forgotten to embroider the dorsal fins.  I also didn’t like one of set of eyes, so I decided to redo it in a different colour.

Detail of Fish Tail

School of Fish

The tail fin of the green and purple fish was a little floppy so I coated both sides with Acrylic Matte Medium.  When I finished the fish I hung them outside to photograph.

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  1. Love this idea with embroidered fish tail and fins you can see through in the light. Beautifully done and very colourful in light.

  2. They are such fun. I love the colours and the fins are really unique! This is one school that has graduated! Good work Nancy.

  3. Very sweet fish & a good tip to freeze the stabiliser. Do you use Romeo? A fairly heavy duty one I get in the UK.

  4. LOVE your fishies!! they are wonderful! 😀
    (and ditto thanks for the freezing tip!)

  5. Gorgeous fishies…

  6. Your fish are fabulous!!!

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