Step Away From the Painting

I had always thought that I didn’t like Pointillism.  However, after visiting a special exhibit of Henri Edmond Cross and Neo-Impressionism  at the Musėe Marmottan Monet in Paris, I changed my mind.   I was fascinated by the paintings in the exhibit and decided to try the technique in watercolour.

I worked small so that it wouldn’t take too long to finish – the painting is only 14 X 21.2 cm (5 1/2 X 8 3/8 inches) .  I found that I couldn’t make regular same-sized marks with a watercolour brush so I used  Microbrush ® applicators that I bought at Lee Valley Tools.

My subject was a close-up of a tree stump and my choice of colours was inspired by Cross’s Future Arcadia. I worked on it for several hours in total and couldn’t get it right. It just looked like an interesting pattern of coloured dots.  Finally, I saw it from across the room and I could now see  forms emerging from the mass of dots.

I don’t think that this will become a favourite method of painting watercolour, but I will definitely try it again.

Detail of Watercolour

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  1. It is a really effective painting and your special colour talents shine in this one! You make me want to start painting dots! Great painting! Love it! Your colour combinations are amazing.

  2. Wonderful little colour studies – good for you for exploring this difficult technique. Thank you for your visits to art rat cafe, I appreciate your support…

  3. The colors are great and the effect really works!

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