Fish Tales

I  have made two more fabric fish.  Choosing fabric was easy for the fish I did last week.  It’s relatively easy to match black and white patterned material.   It’s a little harder when you move into colour.  In going through my stash to find and match the right fabric, I realized that I could organize my fabrics a little better.   Right now I have one translucent plastic bin for plain coloured cotton and 4  of patterned cotton.  All the black and white fabric is in the same bin but that’s the extent of the organization.  One of these days I must figure out a better system and then reorganize.

So, after hours of sorting through the bins and auditioning different fabrics, I found 2 sets that would work.  Choosing the thread for the fins didn’t take as long.   I decided on a bright  pink for one set and, of course, I had a darker pink and a lighter pink but not the shade I wanted.  So I embroidered the fins with the darker shade and then changed the bobbin and top thread to the lighter shade and embroidered over the first colour, leaving a lot of it to show through.  The overall effect is now the right shade.

After washing out the stabilizer and setting the fins aside to dry I was all set to sew them onto the fish body. I couldn’t find one of the pectoral fins. So back to the sewing machine to redo the missing fin. Usually when this happens I find the lost piece as soon as I finish the replacement but not this time.

The second fish went a little easier.

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  1. your fishies are gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Cynthia Graham

    Cool FISH!! Really love the colour choices! I also really like the design of the second one as it gives him a fishy mouth!

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