This is the beginning of my latest watercolour of a rhinoceros.  It was done using a controlled wet on wet method.  Specific areas were saturated with clean water and then colour was added to the water.  The colour spreads only where the paper is wet.

I used a picture I had taken at the London Zoo and used more interesting colours than what was in the photo. Playing around with colours is so much fun.

Here is the (maybe) final result.

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  1. How unique to paint your rhinoeros is such vivid colours! This seems to give personality and a sense of fun to the subject. No ordinary rhino any longer! Love it.

  2. Cynthia Graham

    I love the bold use of colour blocking in this painting. I think it portrays the solid mass and strength of the rhino very well. It is unlikely you would be able to move him, if he didn’t want to be moved! The variations in light and dark values make you want to stay and look at this rhino for a long time. There is a lot to take in here. Great painting!

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