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Sherry – Time Out for an Experiment

I was having trouble getting the torso to fit and look the way I wanted.  In between versions I used one that didn’t work (and wasn’t finished) to experiment.  I covered the upper part with Golden Absorbent Ground (White), let it dry, and painted it with watercolour paints.  The Absorbent Ground covered body took the paint very much like watercolour paper.  I will need some practice in order to learn how to adjust for the 3D body as the paint likes to flow downhill.  With a body, no matter which way you position it, there is always somewhere the paint can flow.

After the initial painting I used the Absorbent Ground to add white dots over the already painted surface.  I then added dots of watercolour to create the necklace.

The lower section of the torso is painted directly onto the untreated fabric.

The torso finally got done.

I ended up adding darts after it was attached and stuffed. You can see the purple marks of the air erasable pen still showing.   I marked the darts and then ladder stitch them together. there is another dart in the back.

Black on White Iris Thread Tangle

The inspiration for this Thread Tangle was a close-up photo  I took of one of my Irises. However, that is not what most people see. What do you see?

This is the original photo.

Sherry – A Work in Progress

Sherry (working title) will be a stump doll. The “stump” shape is based on my grandmother’s crystal sherry decanter.
The pattern is in 4 identical pieces.

Embroidery in Progress

The pieces are then sewn together by hand as are the darts.

2 pattern pieces sewn together; some darts still to be sewn

The next challenge is to make a body to fit the vessel.

Felted Dogs

My friend Edwina Sutherland asked me to fill in for her at our doll club, All Dolled Up. She was to have given a demonstration of felted animals but discovered that she was double booked. After a short demonstration and some practice at home  I used her patterns and method and showed our members and guest how to make a felted dog. They were all wonderful and all were able to produce dogs that looked like dogs- if not always the dog they were trying to make. You can see some of the results on the All Dolled Up blog .

Felting is a lot of fun and with a little practice the results can be quite satisfying.

One of the dogs above was done before the meeting for practice and the other was done during the meeting as a demonstration. I still need some more practice before I get the dogs to look a little closer to what I want them to look like.


Most of the Thread Tangles I have done so far are of faces. “Wink” was the first of my Thread Tangle faces.

I soon realized that with a little bit of planning while I was programming  the embroidery  I could have different versions.













I could also embroider them in different colour combinations.


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